Questions at the Rally

…because the only stupid question is the one that you don’t ask.

  • Who are you?

    • I’m Batman. Nah, we’re just a group of fighter pilots who have ideas, thoughts, and opinions…just like everyone else. We prefer anonymity to keep on point with the material, not the messenger.
  • Why do you keep using “Airman” with a capital “A”?

    • Taking a page from the Marine Corps and the title of Marine, Airman is not the same as airman. Its my modern take on ‘being a fighter pilot’ versus a ‘person who flies fighters.’
  • What is “the Third Offset Strategy”?

    • The Third Offset Strategy, a Department of Defense initiative, is named for the third chapter of the United States’ defense policy. This necessary (and over-due) evolution is driven by the growing requirement to offset current and future threats in an increasingly externally complex and internally constrained environment. Simply put, an offset strategy is an asymmetric response to a threat that provides a competitive advantage at lower cost than a symmetric response.