The motivation for this site stems from Leading Edge, a website similarly focused on educating, ingraining, and expounding “air-mindedness”, all in an attempt to evolve Airpower. As Leading Edge states:

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Airpower is a complex tool that needs to be constantly reinterpreted. Tomorrow’s air forces’ core missions may be unchanged, but in a rapidly changing world, the ways to employ Airpower may be subject to a paradigm shift. This website attempts to clarify the complexity.

In the most general sense, success in any military endeavor requires the following three elements: people, technology, and application. The latter can be further described as strategy and tactics. Air operations and a relevant Air Force, more so than any other branch, uniquely requires all three components in equal amounts. Since the early days of aviation, technology has been required to take to the skies, achieve air superiority and to hold enemy targets at risk. But, if technology outweighs the people it can create an insurmountable advantage that no manpower, even of the highest caliber, can overcome. Without an equally strong strategy and sound tactics (the conceptual element), the benefits of the people and technology can’t truly be realized. Examples of this delicate balance exist in over a century of air warfare. Unfortunately, there are an equal number of historic examples of the repercussions when this balance is lost.

With that being said, in reality all three elements require quality people. Whether it’s abar2 fighter pilot earning his ninth victory over France using a new tactic he thought of, the engineer who invented ailerons to increase turn performance over the warped-wing method and the lead computing gun sight that allowed the pilot to shoot the enemy, the maintainer’s ingenuity who had to modify the gun bays to prevent the ammo from cooking off from the heat of the engine, or the numerous other people behind the scenes working the plan who sent the pilot in the air knowing he may not be coming home. The human element is the common thread and is enduring.

Recognizing this, The Bar Napkin adopts the camaraderie learning atmosphere of the squadron bar. Here a fusion of disruptive thinking, stories, jalapeño corn, and critical analysis molds future tacticians and war-fighters…one drink at a time.

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